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Sprint Smoothies, Sprint natura, Sprint, Bio Sprint Natura products of the Agrosprint Zrt.

Welcome to Sprint & Sprint Natura Vegetable Oasis, where you can choose from our wide range of quick-frozen fruit and vegetable products to your taste. Our product lines are unique in the Hungarian frozen industry, our company group AgroSprint Ltd. operates as the market leader in the sector now.

Our quick-frozen prides:

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A healthy and fit lifestyle as well as quality nutrition is important to you, isn’t it? Are you careful about food products that you put in your shopping cart and do you choose only additive free, pure products if possible?

If you would like to serve easy-to-make delicacies on the table, look for our quick-frozen product lines in the freezers of Hungarian retail chains (Spar, Interspar, Metro, and Tesco)!

The recipe of health =


1 portion of
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Sprint Smoothie Mix every day

Choose to your taste
and add health to your plate!
Choose to your taste and add health to your plate!