Are frozen products really healthier than the fresh ones?

Quick frozen fruits and vegetables are much healthier

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As the flag bearers of healthy lifestyle, we persist in the statement that quick frozen fruits and vegetables are much healthier than the ones you can buy as “fresh” products in retail stores. This has already been proven by numerous research studies, including the British Food Research Institute's study on vitamin and nutrient loss.
It is a long way...

It is a long way...

Now think about the distance these fresh vegetables and fruits travel to the shop and how long they are waiting for someone to lift them into their basket. How fresh are the vegetables which spend a week or even longer time in the shop and how well can they keep their valuable nutrients? It is the sad fact that the time begins ticking away wildly after the vegetables are picked, and the nutrient content, water content, and vitamin content of the products may be reduced by up to 45% between the harvest and sale. However, quick-frozen vegetables and fruits are processed within a few hours after harvesting them.



The products are cooked with steam and then shock-frozen; during quick-freezing, the vegetables and fruits are cooled down to -40 ° C while their free water content freezes in tiny crystals. The nutrient and vitamin loss of shock-frozen products may be considered minimal. A quick-frozen product can preserve 80% of its nutritional value even after 1 year. It is a good feeling to see how great values ​​can get into your freezer this way!
It is a completely faulty innervation that the frozen vegetables are less valuable than the fresh ones, in fact the opposite is true...