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Zöldségek Agrosprint
Zöldségek Agrosprint

The ecological control and certification of AgroSprint Ltd. is performed by one of the most important members of the organic certification system in Hungary, the Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Kft. We are required to comply with several conditions for the manufacturing of ORGANIC products. One of the primary conditions for the processing of organic products is the use of ORGANIC raw materials for the manufacturing, which means that our farmers must have an ORGANIC certificate for such raw materials. Our company’s Bio Sprint Natura private label products proudly bear the ORGANIC logo, this way guaranteeing that these products are free from any contamination caused by synthetic additives.


The products of Sprint Natura BIO come from Hungarian organic farms. The product line prepared this way has had no competitors on the Hungarian market yet, so do not bother looking for them. 100% organic, 100% healthy.