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Zöldségek Agrosprint
Zöldségek Agrosprint

Do something for your health and cover your daily dose of vegetables with help of the popular Sprint Natura products. We only offer you our delicacies with the finest tastes and smells.

We believe that eating healthy food is vitally important in any age!

ADVANTAGES of quick-frozen vegetables:

  • they are rich in vitamin C and minerals
  • their high fibre content detoxifies and helps the bowel function
  • they are available in each season
  • long shelf life: from 18 months up to 24 months
  • they may be integrated into the vegetarian and vegan diet as well as the reform nutrition.

question2 DO YOU KNOW THAT ...

the secret of our Sprint Natura baby food quality, baby-friendly, quick-frozen product line lies in the fact that we have limited the usability of the available, permitted pesticides to make the manufacturing of Natura products subject to a higher level of cultivation technology in line with the existing legal regulations. Thanks to the strict controls, you can safely serve them to babies, as well.