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agrosprint - high quality fresh fruits and vegetables

In order to ensure the high quality of raw materials, we are in a contractual relationship with farmers having production facilities and high quality production culture. The cultivation of raw materials is supervised by our experts from the variety choice until the harvest. The cultivation planning is based on the product life cycle curves.

Thanks to the daily schedule of harvest, we can ensure that the raw material comes to our factory at its best maturation state, according to our manufacturing needs. The processing takes place within a few hours after the harvest, so the raw material does not lose valuable ingredients such as vitamins.


agrosprint - high quality fresh vegetables fruit processing

All raw materials are subjected to quality control, and afterwards, their processing on the production lines begins.

agrosprint - high quality fresh vegetables fruit processing

The processing in each case consists of washing, cleaning, sorting, blanching (pre-cooking) depending on the product and other processes (chopping, pitting, etc.) if necessary, quick freezing and packaging.

Quick-freezing ensures the preservation of nutrients, vitamins, flavour and aroma all year round. Our certified quality and food safety systems guarantee our customers' full satisfaction.

Quality control in the laboratory

agrosprint - quality control in the laboratory

The microbiological compliance of our products is regularly checked at our premises in our own, modern equipped laboratory.

agrosprint - Quality control in the laboratory

The quality of our products is developed continuously, we are striving to manufacture products of better quality and better microbiology year after year. In order to achieve this, we use all available information, including customer feedback. Ensuring the proper quality and microbiological status of our own private labels as well as the compliance with statutory and customer requirements are an important pillar of our quality policy.

agrosprint - Quality control in the laboratory

We have the proper operation of our systems reviewed by auditing organisations. Our company is certified according to the IFS and BRC standards and also has ORGANIC certification.

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